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Birgit Welink was born in 1989 in western Germany and raised by a Dutch mother and German father. In 2016, she finished her Bachelor's degree in acting and theater-making at the 'Hogeschool voor de kunsten' in Utrecht (Netherlands) and has since been working as a freelance actress, performer, voice-actress and director in various performative fields in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2022 she moved back to Germany and is now based in Hamburg.

Birgit speaks dutch, german and english.


Since 2018, she plays next to actors like Hannes Jaenicke, Alice Dwyer and Fedja van Huêt the role of inspector Renée in the ARD series 'Der Amsterdam Krimi' and is part of the core investigative team. 


In 2021 she worked with Dutch director and actor Fabian Claes Jansen to make the medium-length film 'ADA' which won the 'Noorderkroon Award' at the Noord Nederlands Film Festival and the 'Noordsterren Award' at the international film festival in Assen and portrays a sexual assistant for people with disabilities.


In theatre, she has developed her own performances in collaboration with the author Lisanne van Aert and has been part of the performance collective DAS LEMNISCAAT. 


Birgit enjoys exploring strong female identified characters, humour and physicality. She draws inspiration from pop cultural phenomena, feminist perspectives and socio-critical views, as well as her own personal experiences. 


Alongside her own work, Birgit has collaborated with various theatre-directors, including Boogaerdt+vd Schoot, Sanne van Rijn, Het Nationale Theater Den Haag, Margijn Bosch (t'barre land), Mart van Berckel, Khadija Kharraz El Alami, Harm van Geel, Merel Severs, Tessa Friedrich, Anton Pleva, Stef Lernous (Abattoir Ferme) and de jonge Republiek.


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"She is not lacking in words, in pathetics, in intelligence, in self-mockery, or in loneliness. The latter peeks through all the roles she plays. Wearing a child's hat, she squeals about the secret of neoliberal society and lashes out at the capitalist system. She gives herself X-ray eyes to see through everything like a superhero. Welink understands the art of suffering and laughing, of remaining herself and making a fool of herself. She can fake cry and really cry at the same time. She is shameless and ruthless and throws herself completely into her role.”


- Dick van Teylingen in Theaterkrant about Birgit in her  the solo performance '4.48 Apocalypse'