Biennale Teatro College - To disappear // Boogaerdt + vd Schoot

You know I'm No Good, Amy Winehouse's famous single, is the title of the final marathon to be staged August 11th and 12th 2017, to present the results of the workshops of the Biennale College – Theatre, all inspired by a theme proposed by Antonio Latella, in a single uninterrupted performance to be held in the same space (Sale d'Armi). Latella asked the masters conducting the workshops "to choose an artist, a woman working in the second half of the twentieth century who tragically disappeared, and to take a magnifying glass to find that which has remained hidden, or deliberately kept secret, for too long. We wish to open a real and necessary debate, so that this end might also become a new beginning, to raise new questions, be transformed into a fertile ground for strongly generative experimentation... I am convinced that in a Festival for which the leitmotiv remains the creative process of the artists, their development, their research, it is also important to have the courage to stop and think about those who voluntarily, and in many cases I might add with great clarity of mind, have chosen to bid an early farewell to life or to reject their artistic career". Each master has therefore selected an artist as the theme of his own workshop: Simone Derai from Anagoor has chosen to work on the figure of Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe), Nathalie Béasse on Jean Seberg, Franco Visioli and Letizia Russo on Unica Zürn, Anna-Sophie Mahler on Aglaja Veteranyi, Maria Grazia Cipriani from the Teatro del Carretto on Amy Winehouse, Katrin Brack on Charlotte Posenenske, Suzan Boogaerdt and Bianca Van der Schoot on Lee Lozano. A workshop will be dedicated to different communication strategies based on theatre criticism, under the guidance of critic and author of essays Roberta Ferraresi. The actors, singers, playwrights, performers, dancers, musicians and set designers selected for the Biennale College – Theatre will be in Venice for the duration of the Festival, from July 25th to August 12th, and will work with the masters to take part in a genuine creative process. The workshops will last 10 days, and will be preceded by a work session that will involve the totality of the participants, to be led by the Director Antonio Latella from July 26th to 30th.